The 4 Main Reasons More Small Businesses Are Opting For 3PL


The world is becoming more and more reliant on the utility of a good and trustworthy delivery system and inventory organisation. The small businesses that have been steadily popping up in the past few years are a few of the examples of the budding consumer market making the steady transition from physical stores to the online space. As such, there has never been a better time for a good and trustworthy 3PL provider for these smaller businesses that do not have the same advantages that the larger corporations have.

A good 3PL provider is more than a simple addendum to a business, in many respects – they give the smaller businesses the boost they so desperately need in the beginning stages of the business, allowing them to grow fruitfully and expand exponentially without the stresses of going it alone. There are several mitigating factors as to why 3PL is the primary and more suitable solution for smaller businesses, today we will be running through the 4 principal reasons so many opt for a good 3PL service for their small business.

1.    Saving Money

Of course, the principal reason many go for the services of a 3PL company is simple, saving money. The way in which money is saved comes across in many forms, not the least of which being scalability being a present factor in 3PL services. To put it succinctly, the warehousing and storage of inventory for delivery or sale are usually pretty rigid when going it alone, there usually is very little wiggle room for changes to inventory size and adjustments for seasonal or logistical reasons.

As such, the fees for holding this particular warehousing dilemma without their assistance can be quite unforgiving. However, with a 3PL, there is a lot more breathing room as their warehouse facilities are typically able to accommodate a scaled size inventory, so that it grows when you grow, without any issue or extra charges.

2.    Providing A Network & Resources

The 3PL companies typically have their foot in the business, especially for smaller businesses that are new to the world of logistics and stock control, this can be vital in terms of securing contracts and maintaining a good relationship with your suppliers. A 3PL company has the notion and good graces to have connections and connect you to resources and contacts that you’d struggle to find in the early days as easily on your own.

This also lends itself to your money-saving, as better connections and resources will invariably lead to lower fees and higher yield of satisfaction for all involved.

3.    Taking Care Of Business

In many ways, a 3PL company takes care of the meandering and often annoying aspects of your day-to-day workings of a business, while important, the focus for a small business should be exponential growth and ideas executions, rather than the focus on delivery packaging which is the primary focus for a 3rd party logistics provider. Having this middleman do the annoying aspects of the job for you, frees you up in terms of time and allows you to take care of business adequately and without issue.

4.    The Customers Are Served

You can also feel the third-party logistics provider being able to deal with your customers, the final frontier for your business’s success in many ways. The customers being served is a wonderful aspect of the business to not be worried about, seeing as the 3PL provider will not only deal with the packaging and delivery but also handle the returns and issues that a customer may have with their purchase!

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