The 3 Reasons Professionals Use Teak Furniture

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When it comes to furnishings, the material is where the good is separated from the bad and becomes something extraordinary. Teak furniture is the go-to for many DIY enthusiasts and builders alike as the superior choice for home furnishings and outdoor for many reasons. It is a little pricier of course, but there are a few very good reasons for it, not the least of which being that teak furniture is quite the rarity.

Today we will explore teak furniture and why it’s favored so heavily and the reasons you should be considering it for your next project or home upgrade.

1.   It’s Strength And Durability Is Unmatched

One particular notable for the case of teak furniture is the sheer strength and durability it encapsulates. The timber is very easy to use and to fit for any type of project that is being considered whether it be indoors or outdoors. The ease of use is one of the primary reasons it is so widely sought for building projects and DIY.

Teak furniture lasts for an incredibly long time with a resilient aspect that is not seen as often in other forms of wood builds. Having a strong and dependable material for outdoor furnishings is the top requirement for any builder worth their salt. In fact, ships from colonial times were known to use wonderous timber for their ships due to their durability.

2.   It’s Resistant To The Elements

outdoor teak furniture

Another aspect that teak furniture cannot be overlooked for outdoor furnishings is their ability to withstand an incredible amount of battering from the elements. Withstanding exceedingly hot temperatures and cool changes with ease and very little warping which can be observed in inferior wooden products. The sturdiness is further proof of the superior grade genetic makeup of the wood.

Teak furniture also contains a wonderful mix of natural resins and coats which are natural repellants of the often-associated killer of wooden furnishings, termites. Taking away this worry-some pest from your outdoor furnishings is reason enough to consider making the switch. The resins in teak furniture are also associated with a natural resistance to rotting and typical elemental wear and tear in the long term which makes it a no-brainer for the outdoorsman looking to spruce up their fresh air furnishings.

Another aspect of its resistance is the laughably low amount of maintenance it requires to stay vigilant, strong, and flourished with its natural colour.

3.   It Looks Beautiful

The final point to make, and the more aesthetically pleasing aspect for making the switch over to teak furniture, is the beauty of it. Teak furniture is known for its tight, often straight grain and beautiful shades of golden brown which is associated with a fresh cut sensation. In fact, left in the sun it will naturally develop an olive shading which does look naturally aged without losing its sharpness.

It’s easy to maintain if this is not the look you are aspiring towards, a little coat of varnish with minimal extra effort will keep the oils and resins naturally evergreen and maintain the fresh-cut look that so many aspire for in inferior products.

There you have it, the three reasons more professionals opt for the superior materials for their outdoorsman needs, in the short term it is a slight investment over the competitive wood builds.  However, as we have outlined vigorously, the superior coat, natural resins and resistance to the outdoor dangers that lurk in the atmosphere, as well as the incredible durability and strength showcased in the material, teak furniture is the only way to go.

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